PHOTOS - Ndogowe Village, Dodoma Region


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In an Introductory Meetings with community members, Research Teams explain the PPA's purpose and process.  They also conduct activities to identify "things that make people poor(er)."  These impoverishing forces are then explored in-depth through small groups of 5 to 10 people.  

In the Introductory Meeting, people identified "local politics" as a significant cause of poverty.  In short, they said that village power structures have acted to preserve economic monopolies and prevent communal action to acquire social services.  This topic was then triangulated and investigated through critical discussion with a small group of young men.    


One of the 2002/3 PPA methods is designed - through drama, drawing and discussion - to identify the different "life skills" children perceive themselves as needing in order to escape/avoid poverty as adults.  

Both boy and girl children, working in separate small groups, identified farming as an important life skill.  Nonetheless, neither saw it as able to help them escape/avoid poverty.  In their opinion, literacy was the most important life skill as it was key to accessing the few forms of waged labor with which they are familiar.    



In the PPA methodology, individual interviews with key informants provide another means of learning from the "everyday experts on poverty." 

The PPA frequently delves into sensitive subjects, such as the relationship between poverty and (1.) domestic power relations in polygamous and non-polygamous households, (2.) domestic abuse (including wife beating and rape) and (3.) gender and decision-making power at the community level..